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Alien-A-Day # 5—Wernag. According to Galacticpedia, the Wernag (literally translated as “moose sucker”) is a legendary creature in the folklore of planets in the Circinus system, with its first sightings recorded several millennia ago. Though physical descriptions of the creature varyit is purportedly a small nocturnal predator with a long prehensile tail, who preys on very large animals by pretending to be a discarded kid’s meal toy. According to Circinus biologists and wildlife management officials, the Wernag is an urban legend.



Alien-A-Day # 4—Goophinidae. A widely distributed and diverse group of Cetacean creatures inhabiting several aquatic planets. Characterized by long necks, fine fur, foreflippers, and a powerful tail, it is thought to be one of the most intelligent sea creatures in the universe. Some ancient myths reveal they are harbingers of good luck, while others instruct it is delicious served with lemon wedges.

Beta Carrotoids


Alien-A-Day # 3—Beta Carrotoids. A plant-based life-form originating in the sunniest star systems on planets with low levels of nitrogen, moderate phosphate and high potash. Known for their remarkable eyesight and lightning-fast quips, they are disproportionately employed as stand-up comedians and their brash, loud style of entertainment has been inexplicably characterized as “good for you.”

The Gran


Alien-A-Day # 2—The Gran. A grandmotherly race known for their warm hugs, cookies, and overwhelming scent of wintergreen. They are best known as the first beings to travel the galaxy making only right turns.

The Cespeds


Alien-A-Day # 1—The Cespeds. A friendly semi-sentient being from the planet Lipsid 4. Known for their thick lisp, unintelligible speech, insatiable curiosity, and love for sour candies. They are are frequently found as greeters to hypermarkets and discount department stores such as the popular Galaxy-Mart.



Starting March 1st, I’ll be posting an Alien-A-Day leading up to the release of Red’s Planet: Book One on April 19. Join me as we take a look at the diverse and wacky life of the Red’s Planet galaxy.

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Happy Extraterrestrial Culture Day!

Happy Extraterrestrial Culture Day! I bet it snuck up on you again this year. To make things a little easier for you, we are happy to share Red’s top five tips to help you get along with all the cultures of the galaxy.

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