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The Brotherhood of Smoot


Alien-A-Day # 13 — The Brotherhood of Smoot. The mysterious religious order from the planet Smoot, the brotherhood are seekers of knowledge, enlightenment, and oneness with the universe. They are well known for their philanthropy and service to others, but have struggled with their perceived bias towards sighted peoples and pollotarians.

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Supreme Visdom’r Thay’t


Alien-A-Day # 12 —Supreme Visdom’r Thay’t. The Supreme Visdom’r is a being of twelve consciousnesses who is often sought for dispute resolution under the universal principles of fairness, morality, and justice. Rumor is, ten of the twelve like to winter in the tropics, sipping exotic drinks, while the other two are impossible to please.

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Alien-A-Day # 11— Luudhanites. A tribe of sophisticated and multilingual merchants, dealing in commodities that combined small bulk and high demand, including spices, perfumes, jewelry, and fabrics. The have also been known to occasionally dabble in the forbidden trade of coffee.

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Alien-A-Day # 10 — Cheqwri. Scattered throughout much of the galaxy following the great diaspora, the Cheqwri maintain a simple nomadic way of life amongst technologically advanced societies. Though they are mostly found as merchants, many legends describe them as having mystical powers, passionate tempers, and a flair for criminality.

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Alien-A-Day # 9—Dodalule. A fairly recent Type I civilization, the Dodalule are an enthusiastic and optimistic race exploring the galaxy with wide-eyed awe. Descendants of ancient archaeocetes on the planet Doda, they excel in theoretical physics, molecular genetics, and water sports. 



Alien-A-Day # 8—Sludgehog. Sometimes known as a Globupine, the Sludgehog is a sentient life form from the planet Gelurchina, known for its great sense of smell, spiny spores, and it’s ability to excrete strawberry flavored mucus.



Alien-A-Day # 7—Jagkett. An insectoid race known for their cunning, agility, and enormous sweet tooth (not that they have actual teeth per se). While greatly evolved from their primitive insect ancestors, they still live in hive based communities, and they are often encountered in large groups at donut and ice cream shops.

Can’t See


“Can’t See”—Guest Alien-A-Day by Teagan (5 years-old )

Eddie: Does this alien have a name?

Teagan: “Can’t See” —  Because no one can see he’s an alien. They just think he’s a clump of sand with three balloons on top and they go, “Whaa-aaat! I don’t know how that happened!”

Eddie: But does he have a name?

Teagan: No, he has a name. Like this: “Can’t See.” That’s his name.



Alien-A-Day # 5—Wernag. According to Galacticpedia, the Wernag (literally translated as “moose sucker”) is a legendary creature in the folklore of planets in the Circinus system, with its first sightings recorded several millennia ago. Though physical descriptions of the creature varyit is purportedly a small nocturnal predator with a long prehensile tail, who preys on very large animals by pretending to be a discarded kid’s meal toy. According to Circinus biologists and wildlife management officials, the Wernag is an urban legend.



Alien-A-Day # 4—Goophinidae. A widely distributed and diverse group of Cetacean creatures inhabiting several aquatic planets. Characterized by long necks, fine fur, foreflippers, and a powerful tail, it is thought to be one of the most intelligent sea creatures in the universe. Some ancient myths reveal they are harbingers of good luck, while others instruct it is delicious served with lemon wedges.