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Alien-A-Day # 24—Schuh. A giant land mollusc that feeds through it’s brush like cilia, schuh are often employed as autonomous floor cleaners.



Alien-A-Day # 23—Docgamuck. Theses powerful, large-headed mammals of the planet Winimuckimac are mostly social, living together in family units or small groups, and behaving cooperatively. They are skilled at hunting, herding, and protection, and are partial to tummy rubs.



Alien-A-Day # 22—Omi’chichi. A Bronze Age agrarian civilization, the society is divided into three distinct classes of sages, warriors, and common folk. Once noted for their literature, distinctive art, and architecture, the conflict known as “The Great Knee Kicking Kerfuffle” blighted their formerly spotless reputation as a people of peace.



Alien-A-Day # 21—Portodumplade. Very loyal and sociable, these six legged bundles of big blue gusto love interacting with others and having fun. They make great pets for families with children and are not prone to attacking visitors (except with kisses!). They are calm, well-mannered and love all things taco. 

Alien Abduction Day

Stop building that mountain in your living room, put on a foil hat & grab some Reeses Pieces, it’s Alien Abduction Day! Stay safe out there!

Greater Tafaas


Alien-A-Day # 20—Greater Tafaas. One of the more common species of semi-avian theropods, the small brained Tafaas can grow up to 7 feet tall and weigh over 200 pounds. Their ample legs have given rise to rumors that their meat is served in theme parks and renaissance faires instead of the traditional emu.



Alien-A-Day # 19—Blovisians. A regal race of galactic foodies who pride themselves on their acute sense of taste and, with over a half million taste buds, they are able to distinguish among 31 flavor types. Caution: Highly allergic to blue milk, pucker-fruits, and broccoli.



Alien-A-Day # 18—Bernadians. A sect of progressive, revolutionary aliens who championed the idea of an ethically just society where everyone is equal and everything is free. They now live in a perpetual queue line for toilet paper in a grey, but happy, utopia.

Potentate of Smoot


Alien-A-Day # 17—The Potentate of Smoot. Once a gifted charlatan from another world, the Potentate came to the planet Smoot when his wayward spaceship made an emergency landing. Angry with their leadership and convinced the Potentate was their only hope, the Smoot made him supreme ruler of all the planet. It didn’t hurt that the Smoot is a mostly sightless race and never saw his unsettling face.



Alien-A-Day # 16 —Micro-marco-organisim. A biological life form that has a curious property: the louder it is, the smaller it gets. Researchers believe it’s only a matter of time before it completely drops out of existence.