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The Gorg


Alien-A-Day #31—The Gorg. Revered and worshipped on seven worlds, the Gorg’s existence has always been considered mythical. Many cultures believe they are harbingers of doom, some believe they will usher in the dawn of a new age, while others think they would look great above the fireplace.



Alien-A-Day #30—Wetulians. Also known as the Wetul. A four eyed mammalian known for their accelerated task speed (not to be confused with movement speed, for which they are exceptionally slow). They are the only beings in the galaxy to be barred from gambling in casinos and working in bureaucracy.



Alien-A-Day #29—Geminites. A parthenogenic all-female saurian species who are telepathically linked at birth to their biological twin. After centuries of outsiders (and some insiders) consistently mistaking one Geminite for another, the Queens² decreed that the entire population would share the same name of Gem.



Alien-A-Day #28—Mehlman. Also known as the Meh, Mehlmans are a hard-working, hospitable people, who, have often been the subject of ethnic jokes throughout the galaxy, like the popular “How many Mehlmans does it take to change a light bulb?” Unfortunately, the answer has been forgotten since the Partnership for Obloquial Outrage and Protection championed the Anti Lightbulb Defamation Act. Thanks for nothing, P.O.O.P.

Book Trailer Coming Soon

The Red’s Planet book trailer premieres this week! It’s AWESOME! Stay tuned for where to see it!

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Easter Bobalunx


A Special Holiday #AlienADay —Bobalunx maquette by Janelle Bell-Martin meets Bobalunx egg by Beth Pittman.

Gondoan Guard


Alien-A-Day # 26—Gondoan Guard. With a large powerful physique, these famous mercenaries from Gondo have served as guards at foreign courts since the late 315th galactic century. They are known for their significant strength, holding attention for long periods, and the inability to swear convincingly.



Alien-A-Day # 25—Ghetrites. A species of tripodiformes characterized by their pale skin, prominent head, and tentacles hailing from from the planet Cesnaunus, the birthplace of proto-fusion-punk-bop and home of the best Bar-B-Q in the central galaxy.