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Alien-A-Day #38—Syoostasaurian. These sneaky reptilians are known both literally and figuratively for their forked tongues. Don’t expect a truthful word or an honest deal, but if you need something and you don’t mind turning a blind eye to its questionable origins, these may be your go-to lizards.

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LA Times Festival of Books


Eddie will be at  the Los Angeles Time Festival of Books at the University of Southern California this weekend for a panel and book signing. This will be one of the few places to pick up a copy of Red’s Planet before the release date, so if you are in LA, come by and say hello!

Middle Grade Fiction: Adventure with a Smirk
Sunday| 4/10/2016 | 10:30:00 AM in Seeley G. Mudd 124

Cecil Castellucci

Eddie Pittman
Pseudonymous Bosch
Kristen Kittscher

The Aquilari


Alien-A-Day #37—The Aquilari. Also known as the Ancients of Chelonia, Collectors of Time, and The Last Sages of the Wandering, this two-headed tortoise travels the universe in a gigantic ship called the Chelonia, searching for…something. Little is known about the origins of this ancient creature, but some say it may be as old as time itself. But that’s just silly.



Alien-A-Day #36—The Uskog. A mysterious warrior race who have been known to terrorize the galaxy with their acts of piracy. Very little is known about the Uskog though they are rumored to be android. Or cyborg. Or…did I mention very little is known?



Alien-A-Day #35—Vonicians. Through the centuries, the Vonicians discovery and exploration of celestial structures has been unmatched. They set out to explore space like few civilizations before, successfully navigating the turbulent winds of Carina and even piercing the Keyhole Nebula. Some of the finest spacefarers of all time were Vonicians, like Commodore Allora, the Dread Pirate Porco, and the legendary Captain Vitemo.

Alien Sketchbook


Alien-A-Day #34—Alien Sketchbook. Here is the first sketchbook drawing of a little alien that became a silent extra in Red’s Planet. he was also featured as Alien-A-Day # 22, Omi’chichi.

Bobalunx Sketchbook Studies


Alien-A-Day #33—Bobalunx Sketchbook Studies. Here are some studies of the little blue aliens from Red’s Planet called Bobalunx. The name comes from a word I misheard talking to my 6-year-old daughter.



Alien-A-Day #32—Rhettnlink. Once two distinct beings, these best friends were so inseparable, they had their heads surgically attached to a Nerthkarolinian Squid to become the self styled “Intergalacticnetainer”, Rhettnlink. After producing viral videos and comedy skits on the Intergalacticnet, they now host the popular variety show (and ratings juggernaut) Good Sci-fi-entifical Morning, seen across the Milky Way and parts of Andromeda.