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Alien-A-Day #45—Anoleans. This saurian species are among the most promising of reptilians; they are intelligent, have a rich cultural heritage, and live in harmony. Though still below a Type 1 civilization, Anoleans are advancing quickly, exploring their own solar system, developing renewable energy, and rejecting reality television.



Alien-A-Day #44—Wombegoneans. These short-legged, hairy people are diverse in their beliefs and ideals and tend to be well-educated.  They share the common traits of unpretentiousness, sturdiness, dependably, and modesty. Still, they are often criticized for being uncultured, boring, and obsessed with the hotdish.



Alien-A-Day #43—Quadraroos. On their home planet, these small blue imps are fun, friendly, garrulous, warm, and open, but many outsiders find them a mass of contradictions. They are quick with a wisecrack, but even faster with a jab to the nose; they can be your best friend one minute and your worst enemy the next.  One thing is for sure, they are certainly a passionate lot who are not afraid to bend the rules when it suits them.



Alien-a-Day #42—Basilaens. A  moderately sized reptilian species with well-developed head crests that resemble feathers. Their never-ending energy, inability to pay attention, insatiable curiosity, and misuse of grammar has led sociologists to refer to this trying alien as the “Toddler Lizard”.

The Yaw


Alien-a-Day #41—The Yaw. The laid back cyclopean inhabitants of the only planet to have two souths, Jawjuh. These corn sippin’, grass chewin’, backwoods lovin’ aliens tend to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life, like sitting on the porch with friends and family, playing music with homemade instruments, and watching paint rust.



Alien-a-Day #40—Floralian. A subspecies of plant-based sentient life-forms. Though their society (and carnivorous tendencies) can seem aggressive to outsiders, they see themselves as an enlightened society of artists, poets, and philosophers. Average Floralians would like nothing more than to spend their days, roots planted in a nice soil, reading the classics and snacking on small mammals.



Alien-a-Day #39—Gelanoid. These translucent, colorful, gelatinous beings are known for their polite friendliness, strong sense of community, aversion to confrontation, and tendencies toward emotional eruptions. Food figures highly in Gelanoid hospitality, unfortunately, to off-worlders, this can prove to be disturbing, disgusting, or outright lethal.



Alien-A-Day #38—Syoostasaurian. These sneaky reptilians are known both literally and figuratively for their forked tongues. Don’t expect a truthful word or an honest deal, but if you need something and you don’t mind turning a blind eye to its questionable origins, these may be your go-to lizards.

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