Chapter Five 07

Chapter Five 07

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  1. LuDux says:

    Oh no! The egg was running in terror to a place of safety! It’s trying to pretend to be a flower!

  2. Quetzalrofl says:

    Maybe Tawee’s Gibbervox wore off and that’s just Red calling to him, and NOT the sound of a native predator right behind him.
    Right? :(

    • Cthulhu21 says:

      Wishful thinking. Next best thing is an angry native who wants people to leave his/her property.

      • LuDux says:

        Oh, they already met the angry native. Left him to get eaten. Then tried to sleep in his bed. 😉

        • Cthulhu21 says:

          Point taken, but then again there should be more than one angry native on that rock.

  3. LuDux says:

    Y’know, it just occurred to me that sound could be Red waking up with a mouthful of dirt.

  4. cjb says:

    Uh Oh, the egg’s battery ran down, so the hatchling is on it’s own now.
    And “glibx” sure sounds like babytalk to me. (Echoes of Walt Kelly again)

  5. perushinkov says:

    Could a predator be thinking Tawee’s trying to snatch their child? We all wonder 😀

  6. Frith Ra says:

    Why am I hoping that the “glibx” came from Bartleby, the Rat Creature?

  7. PMark says:

    I’m guessing that the egg needed to find a quiet place to hatch. Now that it has hatched, it is powering down leaving behind “Glibx” who now thinks that Tawee is its mommy.

  8. Lurker says:

    I think that was just the egg shell. Whatever was in it, has now emerged from the egg. And saying “glibx”?

  9. mouseanderson says:

    I guess this is to much of a family comic to have an “Alien” moment. Or I’d be screaming “RUN Tawee RUN!!!!!”

  10. Cthulhu21 says:

    I have a very good feeling that those pirates were looking for that tripod egg. Until we have confirmation of that though we will have to wonder who or what shouted “glibx!”.
    Very good comic, thank you very much, I’ll be coming back to read some more.

  11. William says:

    I have really enjoyed this comic but noticed nothing has been written after the first part of May. Is this going to be continued or did something happen? I would really like to see what happens next. Thanks William