Chapter Four 28

Chapter Four 28

So this is it! The final page of Chapter Four! And it only took a mere 3 1/2 years to get here. Thanks everyone for sticking around so far.

Whose shack have Red and Tawee fallen asleep in? What happened to the other castaways? Where’s the “good kitty”? Will the Aquilari return, and what is the “collection”? Who knows. But I can tell you that Chapter Five promises to be lots of fun, and many threads will start to come together.

It all starts some time after the new year, so stay tuned.

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  1. I just had to express my love for your comic once more, good sir. It’s by far my favorite webcomic! Have a happy holiday season! :)

  2. LazyReader says:

    And what, her socks disappear by chapter 5, I reckon.

  3. p.j. day says:

    I like how they walked away from the blue tiger and have gone on with their lives as if nothing ever happened. I think we will be seeing him again very soon and he wont be very happy.

  4. Frith Ra says:

    I find myself wondering if this planet, or at least the owner of this cabin, has anything analogous to the story of Goldilocks in the culture.

    Conversely, I’ve noted that many cultures have an ancient & long respected tradition of hospitality to strangers. Might that be what Red will wake up to?

    Either way, I suspect that it will be many a long year before she ever sees earth again.

  5. Andy says:

    Thanks for continuing to share Red’s Planet with us!

  6. ludux says:

    Fantastic! Great job on making it this far! Reds Planet holds a dear place in my heart as one of my favorite comics, web or not. Really looking forward to Chapter 5 next year!

    (hmm, I wonder who…or what? …is watching her sleep…)

  7. Greg Bulmash says:


    Thanks so much for your work on this so far. Despite big changes in your career and your location, you’ve continuously rewarded your fans with this awesome work.

    Have a very happy holidays. I look forward to chapter 5.

  8. PMark says:

    I don’t know for sure what the “Collection” is, and the fate of the rest of the castaways really doesn’t concern me that much (they seem to be doing just fine without Red and Tawee). However, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Tawee’s egg is the “treasure” that the Uskog (space “pirates”) is so hot on. If it is, then we haven’t seen the last of the Uskog.

    • Anon says:

      Judging from the wide diversity of species on the desert planet, I’d say that the collection is a menagerie of representatives from intelligent, non-spacefaring species.

  9. RG2Cents says:

    Awwwwwwwww. Adorable.

  10. I’m looking forward to it! This is one of the greatest comics the web has to offer.

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into it in your scarce spare time. Anyone who has ever drawn a webcomic knows how it is!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and family! :)

  11. Ol' Gui says:

    The lighting effect on this panel is very nice. I can almost see dust motes floating in the air.

  12. Severin says:

    But but… i just started 20 minuts ago.. it can’t stop now…

  13. Joseph says:

    Congratulations on 3 1/2 years of comicking Red’s Planet, Eddie!

    Your story and artwork are an inspiration to me. Thanks!

  14. BlackTiger says:

    To Red:
    “…sleep in Peace and wake in joy;
    Good angels guard thee from the Boar’s annoy!”
    — Richard III, Act V, Scene 3

    To Eddie:
    “Thank you, sir. We’ll be back then.”

    “Ensign – break Standard orbit, return to Base.”

    “Aye, sir – Breaking orbit…now.”

  15. mouseanderson says:

    Another thanks from this rabid reader! You have shared a masterpiece here that is both comedic and touching, again thanks!

  16. Iron Ed says:

    Merry Christmas, Eddie! Thanks for all your hard work!

    …and it’s so appropriate to leave Red and Tawee sleeping while the comic itself takes a brief ‘nap’. :-)

  17. Iron Ed says:

    What with Christmas and all, I keep looking and half expecting to find someone has sneaked in and hung Red’s socks over the fireplace for Santa! ;-) :-) :-)

  18. Lee A. says:

    Sometime after the new year may be July. Oh, well, I’ll stay tuned. Red’s Planet is a good cartoon.

  19. ChrisH says:

    She’s been walking about in those socks for a couple of chapters now … and the bottoms are still white ????

    • sighthndman says:

      white dust on this planet. (Oxy-clean dust. Combines with the dew so that socks are self washing. As are feet if you don’t wear socks. External use only.)

  20. Lee A. says:

    And then three bears walk in.

  21. Mars says:

    Took ya long enough darlin.


Red's Planet is an All-Ages comic. Please keep comments appropriate.