Chapter Four 01

Chapter Four 01

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  1. torycan says:

    she’s the one that needs the rest.

  2. PMark says:

    Poor Red. Can’t even get a word in edgewise.

  3. tmcelmurry says:

    I love how her relationship is already developing even though Tawee hasn’t spoke a word. I love that we are getting to the sneak peek portion many of us saw so long ago. I’m anxious to see where things go and what develops. I just love this comic series Eddie, thank you so much again for sharing it with us.

  4. Greg Bulmash says:

    Hopefully this will be a bit of a break for you because you already had part in the can.

    Thanks so much for your hard work, Eddie.

    • Eddie says:

      Thanks Greg! I wish that was the case, but I’m finding I have to redraw much of it; Red is very off model. Still, it’s great to have the foundation set.

      • billydaking says:

        I figured something like that would happen. Will the original preview pages be posted as well, kinda like the original “monolith topples on Red” pages?

        • Eddie says:

          Probably not, since they’ve already been posted before and are in print as well. The problem with the originals is mostly Red; she doesn’t look like she does now. For the sake of consistency, they really need to be altered. Over all I’m still happy with the storytelling in this chapter, though there may be some things I need to change due to new story points (like the morning sky in today’s page.) For the most part, the chapter will remain relatively unaltered.

          • RM says:

            A “behind the scenes” before/after comparison would be nice – you don’t necessarily have to post all the pages, but a side-channel blog post showing a representative few images (or sections of images), highlighting the differences, and perhaps discussing a bit about why things changed would be greatly appreciated – those times when you’ve given a “backstage” look have been immensely interesting.

  5. Iron Ed says:

    I find it interesting that Tawee keeps looking to the right or behind-and-to-the-right. Is something…there?? :-)

  6. Well, I haven’t read the old version (can’t find it anywhere) but I’ve heard a lot about it, and I’m really curious now. :)

  7. RG2Cents says:

    Poor Red! Putting up such a brave front when she’s obviously worn out…

  8. TGIF007 says:

    For those of us who came in late, are the original pages available anywhere online?