Chapter Three 34

Chapter Three 34

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  1. tmcelmurry says:

    Red went from one greedy acting foster family right into another. One of those days where she just can’t win.

  2. Ed8 says:

    Yup – that’s typical – there’s free food lying all over the ground and all they have to do is pick it up, but nooooooo, they don’t want that food, they want the otherwise identical food that somebody else has already picked up! I know a lot of humans that are just like that….

    • Futschi says:

      That’s because an object that doesn’t seem as easily obtainable seems to have a higher value.
      If you present a child the choice between two more or less equal toys, one lying in the open and one behind a fence or something, it’ll try to get the second one.
      If you found two groups of some sort, one where you have to pass a test of some sort to join and one where you don’t then the members of the first group think their group is more useful to them than the members of the second group.

  3. beans says:

    It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for a new page for ages! Great job, by the way. I’m a huge fan.

  4. Greg Bulmash says:

    Sort of sad, yet reassuring that aliens suck just as much as humans do.

  5. Stonefoot says:

    Red in the last panel? Really good. And if there’s a conflict between keeping to a schedule and keeping up the quality, quality wins.

  6. Ol' Gui says:

    Move along, folks, nothing to see here. Just Evolution at work, survival of the fittest, or most obnoxious.

  7. utherkbn says:

    Hit it on the nose. It looks tender.

    I’m second Stonefoots remark, quality is worth the wait. Beautiful results.

  8. mouseanderson says:

    I completely agree, keep this quality going!
    Your consistantly great work reminds of the Joy I had Kid getting a new Asterix comic. Uderzo’s art always had great backgrounds and character visuals. You have matched that.

    • Eddie says:

      That’s very generous of you Mouse! Uderzo’s work was amazing! I’m not sure I’ll ever be that good. :)

      • Iron Ed says:

        Well, look at it this way… I agree with Mouseanderson and others, you do great work and really interesting/fun backgrounds.

        …and I’ve never heard of Uderzo! …or Asterix. (‘course, that may say something about my age too… 😉 :-) :-) )

  9. A big happy family, indeed! Quarreling siblings included. 😀

  10. Eddie says:

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement on the schedule. My day job has been overflowing into my weekends lately and I’m struggling to do both. I may be a little late here and there for the next few months.

    • Nimbian says:

      I think I speak for every one when I say take your time and don’t let us, your adoring fans keep you from your real life worries. :)

      That said, your comic really is is awesome and I hope you can keep up the schedule.

  11. Lisorael says:

    I’m all caught up now! I’m eagerly awaiting the next installments my good man. Fantastic work so far. I was drawn to your comic by its style and merit, so take your time by l means.