Chapter Three 30-31

Chapter Three 30-31

Here’s this week’s “two page” spread — click here to see a larger image!

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  1. Steven says:

    Oh man, poor Red! Why’s she all alone? Did no one want to talk to her? Or did she not want to talk? Anyways, I think this page is brilliant.

  2. torycan says:

    Poor Red I would have thought the lizard lady would have some sort of compassion for her but Red is all alone.

  3. Greg Bulmash says:

    Red’s the only kid there without a parent. But in her case, she may have been the only one kidnapped accidentally. They were trying to get the car, not her.

  4. Richard Dreyfuss says:

    I assume that was Devil’s Tower he was building in his living room?

  5. Nimbian says:

    A few more points.

    They are all aliens, they might assume that since she is staying away from the fires she might not need them.

    They may not even be aware that Red is a child.

    Last, from a literary standpoint, two “outcasts” in this case Red and the Grey, are much more likely to join company. This is even more likely since Red stood up for Him earlier, making red is only real ally.

    any way that’s my two cents.

  6. Co0kieL0rd says:

    A touching moment – beautifully drawn. Great, keep on!

  7. mouseanderson says:

    Very touching. Awesomely drawn. You just continue to amaze! I’m awed by your talent and your obvious love for what you create.
    A huge thanks for creating such a wonderful story that all can enjoy.

  8. egomane says:

    This is, … this is, …
    I’m speechless! This is one of the most beautiful and sad comic pages I have ever seen.

  9. Lazy J says:

    just stumbled on planet red today and got all caught up really awsome work the story is great and your art work is amazing i am really pleased with how colourful your comic is the attention to detail and everything great work

  10. torycan says:

    first thing I want to say is Merry Christmas to everyone and have a happy New Year.
    Ok I just realized some thing Red is just not siting any where near the others she is some distance away so no one can really see her or hear her. if you look those little dots by her is the camp fires so she is some distance away from the others.

  11. Stonefoot says:

    Reading the others’ stories of their abductions, and (which I hadn’t noticed until torycan mentioned it) seeing Red sitting off away from the others with her backpack…. Well, she was running away when she was abducted, so she may not be well equipped for a strange planet, but she’s better off than she would have been otherwise. I wonder, though, if she has another pair of shoes in that pack.

  12. I love all of your different aliens. And the story’s getting better and better.

  13. I hate to say it, but I have a suspicion it’s Red’s own fault. In a way.

  14. torycan says:

    she wandered away frome the rest of the group because she was a little bit afraid of them and of course she is the only kid with out a parent or even someone that even remotely looks like her,

  15. Mong says:

    Poor Red, all alone.
    Where’s the grey farmer kid?

  16. Jeremy says:

    I love the layout of this scene, and the way it establishes what happened to all (most) of them…

  17. Iron Ed says:

    “Herb” & “Kale” Now that’s funny! :-) Awww… poor Red. :-(