Chapter Three 29

Chapter Three 29

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  1. Arseetoo says:

    Not to be picky (because I LOVE this comic) but isn’t the definition of “extraterestrial” anything not of Earth? That would make Gene, by definition, extraterestrial himself. :-)

    • Eddie says:

      Arseetoo, it’s just one of those instances where I tried to find the closest translation. If I had used the word in Gene’s language meaning “from outside the planet or its atmosphere” — which is, in fact, “vestigialcumberbund” — the meaning would have been lost and even confusing to anyone who has recently visited the planet New Betelgeuse, where Vestigal Cumberbund is a popular boy band.

  2. LazyReader says:

    Who’da thunk alien’s didn’t believe in aliens.

  3. ZLawton says:

    He’s reacting better than many humans would, at least.
    And if he doesn’t believe in “aliens”, how does his son have a human comic? :)

  4. Greg Bulmash says:

    At least none of them are seeing this as a chance to spread the gospel of Blarthnath.

  5. Lurker says:

    Yay for updates! Liking this storyline sooo much.

  6. Dunligiel says:

    Stu’s reading a copy of Bone. Awesome!!

  7. Mini-Mimi says:

    Gee, it doesn’t look so alien. There’s a bunch of people all sitting around little fires. Looks normal to me!

  8. Dell’s right, and being an alien he/she/it should know! :) Why do we always have to think of aliens only in terms of bug eyed monsters using unmentionable probes? Aliens who lead a normal, dull everyday life and don’t believe in us seem much more probable. Really, they do.

    There is really a deep message in this as well, if you think about it in terms of how we think about different cultures on planet Earth.

  9. ED8 says:

    “Tomatoes? Mushrooms? Birds? Bugs?”
    “Sure, why not? Anything’s possible.”
    “How about monkeys?”
    “OK, now you’re just being silly, kid, nothing intelligent could evolve from a monkey! That’s just crazy talk.”

    • Ol' Gui says:

      a group of chimps is called a congress. Hmmm. has a congress ever done much that could be called intelligent? Enough with the crazy talk already.

  10. reynard61 says:

    Is anyone else hearing this guy’s voice when Gene is talking? (If you ever get this turned into an animated show or movie, he’d be the perfect voice for Gene.)


Red's Planet is an All-Ages comic. Please keep comments appropriate.