Chapter Three 29

Chapter Three 29

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  1. Arseetoo says:

    Not to be picky (because I LOVE this comic) but isn’t the definition of “extraterestrial” anything not of Earth? That would make Gene, by definition, extraterestrial himself. :-)

    • Eddie says:

      Arseetoo, it’s just one of those instances where I tried to find the closest translation. If I had used the word in Gene’s language meaning “from outside the planet or its atmosphere” — which is, in fact, “vestigialcumberbund” — the meaning would have been lost and even confusing to anyone who has recently visited the planet New Betelgeuse, where Vestigal Cumberbund is a popular boy band.

      • Ol' Gui says:

        On my planet ” Extraterrestrials” is the name of an obscure indie band that hippsters say they listen to. This universe is smaller than we thought. I’m keeping a towel handy, just in case, you know.

  2. LazyReader says:

    Who’da thunk alien’s didn’t believe in aliens.

  3. ZLawton says:

    He’s reacting better than many humans would, at least.
    And if he doesn’t believe in “aliens”, how does his son have a human comic? :)

  4. Greg Bulmash says:

    At least none of them are seeing this as a chance to spread the gospel of Blarthnath.

  5. Lurker says:

    Yay for updates! Liking this storyline sooo much.

  6. Dunligiel says:

    Stu’s reading a copy of Bone. Awesome!!

  7. Mini-Mimi says:

    Gee, it doesn’t look so alien. There’s a bunch of people all sitting around little fires. Looks normal to me!

  8. Dell’s right, and being an alien he/she/it should know! :) Why do we always have to think of aliens only in terms of bug eyed monsters using unmentionable probes? Aliens who lead a normal, dull everyday life and don’t believe in us seem much more probable. Really, they do.

    There is really a deep message in this as well, if you think about it in terms of how we think about different cultures on planet Earth.

  9. ED8 says:

    “Tomatoes? Mushrooms? Birds? Bugs?”
    “Sure, why not? Anything’s possible.”
    “How about monkeys?”
    “OK, now you’re just being silly, kid, nothing intelligent could evolve from a monkey! That’s just crazy talk.”

    • Ol' Gui says:

      a group of chimps is called a congress. Hmmm. has a congress ever done much that could be called intelligent? Enough with the crazy talk already.

  10. reynard61 says:

    Is anyone else hearing this guy’s voice when Gene is talking? (If you ever get this turned into an animated show or movie, he’d be the perfect voice for Gene.)