Chapter Three 27

Chapter Three 27

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  1. Solar says:

    I think finding a food source would be a very good next step so as to prevent this kind of thing…

  2. LazyReader says:


  3. Edgar says:

    On the other hand, if the plant-folks keep this kind of behavior up, the other castaways might just decide that a nice Salad would hit the spot! :)

  4. New Number 2 says:

    Poor little Barbapapa, hope it’s ok!

  5. celecca says:

    oh! the evil “eye” in the middle 2 panels! so well done! and the crossed ‘arms” in the “okay, you win” position in the last… priceless.

  6. Ol' Gui says:

    I wonder if that plant in the Little Shop of Horrors was a seedling from these Organics?

  7. thtiger says:

    I don’t know why it took so long to notice,but is that a Hitchhiker’s reference with the lady in the bathrobe. Didn’t the main character in that spend the whole series dressed in one?

  8. Jeremy says:

    Maybe tasting people is just a good way to make friends?

  9. Rich says:

    LOVE the layout of this page! Great body (and plant!) language on all you characters!

  10. Seems like I’m the only one who can’t see a page. Probably my crappy connection again. :(

  11. mouseanderson says:

    Great Visual Comic, wonderfully laid out.
    Keep it up!
    I am losing my touch to miss the perfect Arthur Dent Bathrobe, Does she have a towel?

  12. HektikLyfe says:

    No pressure but its going on a month. Has work on this stopped?

    I pictured this same scene with two more frames. Each one adding a slow response from the subjects.

    Frame 1 as it is.
    Frame 2 with everyone still facing the pink blob alien.
    Frame 3 with Red now coming to the same realization as the pink blob.
    Frame 4 with Eal Dent also coming to the realization.
    Frame 5 would be Frame 3 as it is right now.
    Frame 6 as Frame 4 is.

    I know that would make it much longer but that slow progression of silent acknowledgment following the line of sight to the hungry carnivorous plant makes it a little funnier in my mind. Perhaps little motion arrows as they quickly whip their heads?

    Just a thought.

  13. Phred says:

    Dude you really need an “archives” button here. Just sayin’. Awesome comic, btw.

  14. Jeremy says:

    Alfie is so cute…and he bounce’s well!

  15. LazyReader says:


  16. torycan says:

    it’s December 1st and no new Red I just hope there well be new ones soon for I don’t want it to become like Cleopatra in Space if it does I don’t know what to do.