Chapter Three 08

Chapter Three 08

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  1. Baran Sunheart says:

    a little condenscending don’t you think

  2. He’s still nicer than a certain paranoid android.

    • Cthulhu21 says:

      I think the robot is a “she” based on the farmer calling her a “ma’m” a few pages back.

  3. Poor Red, it’s all starting to hit her now.

  4. celecca says:

    “the translation for ‘grunt’ is still ‘grunt’.” (snortle! guess i can’t drink coffee while reading this comic either)

  5. Eddie says:

    In Chapter 2, when BEA is introduced, we learn her programed gender is female.

  6. flashfox466 says:

    I love Red’s expressions on this page. ^^ You’re so good at those!

  7. Aw, those humans! Always stating the obvious! 😀

  8. Baran Sunheart says:

    Eddie, are you telling me that Bea is a ******!!!!?
    i can actually see bea acting like the spoiled princesses from stereotype primary school girls
    on another point i think red is going to have a nervous breakdown soon
    after all she’s still a child in a very shocking situation
    although perhaps her experiences with foster families and others orphans might have toughen her