Taking the Week Off

Hey Red-Heads, a lot of work-work has piled up recently and I need to take a a few days to clear it all out of the way so I can get back to my regular 60-hour work week. And it seems this would be good time to leave Red and Tawee for a bit— they’ve  just  found this amazing valley with a high probability of food and water (with maybe even a side of green eggs and ham). I think they’ll be just fine for a week.

But, I don’t want anyone to feel completely cheated, so I leave you with a pic of this awesome Bobalux maquette! It’s sculpted by the lovely and talented Janelle Bell-Martin, former Disney Feature Animation artist and good friend.

See you guys next week!


Page Delay

Hi Planeteers! I am sitting in the Bob Hope Airport in beautiful down town Burbank on my way to my first USO trip with the National Cartoonist Society, thanks to my buddy and NCS President, Tom Richmond. My trip is just a domestic tour, but just as important as the overseas trips some of my colleagues have made (read about some of Tom’s adventures here: http://www.tomrichmond.com/blog/tag/uso/)

I planned to post a new page this week before I left, but due to a mixup in the itinerary, the flight that I though was tomorrow night was actually tonight. So, in the scramble to get ready a day early, I didn’t get the comic posted. But fear not, I leave you with a little Bobalunx biology study below and the promise of a new page when I get back Thursday.

Sorry for the delay, but I’ll be back soon!


Comic Con 2013


Hey Red-Heads and Planeteers! It’s Comic Con time and I’ll be there, like many of you, taking in the sights and sounds (and smells…ug!). But this year, there will actually be a time a place that we can meet face to face (and, no, it’s not the line for Starbucks — that’s face to back)!

This year, I’ll be camping out at the National Cartoonist Society’s booth (#1307) on Saturday from 10-12 with lots of some fun Red’s Planet stuff.

I have a handful of the Red’s Planet preview left from 2009 (now a collectors item…maybe. Somewhere.) and possibly some original art for sale. And there are also some great freebies! Free sketches, Red’s Planet Collector Cards and a Red’s Planet mini-poster (actually, it’s just a postcard).


Even if you are one of those people who don’t like free stuff, come on by any way. I would love to meet any Red’s Planet fans who aren’t my family.

Reviews and Blurbs


If you haven’t noticed, we’ve posted a page of links to reviews Red’s Planet has garnered over the years. You will find that page conveniently linked in the menu bar above. We have creatively titled it “Reviews”. We think it sounds edgy.

There are also a few blurbs from well-known cartoonists and directors, like Cleopatra in Space creator and fellow SpaceDock 7 member, Mike Maihack, MAD Magazine‘s Tom Richmond, and Phineas and Ferb Co-Creator, Dan Povenmire.

Unfortunately, the gentleman above wasn’t able to contribute, but we were able to send him a copy of the finished work thanks to a man in a blue box (who actually had to travel into the future, pickup the finished book then go back…oh, it’s complicated).

But we’re confident Uncle Walt would have loved it!

Free Comic Book Day 2013


As many of you know, today is Free Comic Book Day! That once a year celebration when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE.

In the spirit of Free Comic Book Day and since many of you have asked about the Red’s Planet Preview from 2009, I’ve decided to share some of it here with you for today only. Until midnight tonight (pacific time), you can download the first eight pages of chapter four from the Red’s Planet Preview. Remember, these are from an earlier version of chapter four, but I think you’ll enjoy the sneak peek nonetheless.

Enjoy and happy Free Comic Book Day!


Download here!

Thanks for coming by! Unfortunately, we’re all out of comics! But, the pages will be posted here online over the next seven weeks, so stay tuned!