“A first volume that’s truly lively and entertaining; expect a vociferous cry for the next installment.”
“Red’s Planet is fun, sharp, hilarious, and rip-roaringly original!”
Jeff Smith, BONE
“Everything that is great about comic books . . .”
—Tom Richmond, MAD Magazine
“Eddie Pittman really has the goods.”
Dan Povenmire, Co-Creator Phineas and Ferb
“A charming adventure told by a master storyteller. “
Brian Fies, Mom’s Cancer
“Red’s Planet is a fantastic and fun journey for young readers.”
Kazu Kibuishi, Amulet Series
“Pittman’s drawings are vibrant and action-packed.”
– School Library Journal

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Happy Book Birthday Red’s Planet!

Happy Book Birthday Red’s Planet!

After 16 years (9 of development, 5 of a webcomic, and 2 on book production) the day has finally arrived and Red’s Planet: Book One: A World Away From Home is here.  It’s been an incredible journey that has certainly had its ups and downs. Over the years... read more


Alien-A-Day #48—Felinoids. Numerous species of these cat-like races are found throughout the galaxy, like Leodeans, Tigons, Saborans, Pantherians, and Fluffies. Though they are all very different in their social evolution and culture, they do share some similar... read more


Alien-A-Day #47—Cawaweeans. A small agrarian people who lead a very simple life farming the beautiful green hills and valleys of the tiny planet Cawawee. Though Cawaweeans are not technologically advanced themselves, they have managed to cobble together and adapt some... read more

Here’s What People Are Saying About Red’s Planet

“Eddie Pittman’s Red’s Planet is a meeting of everything that is great about comic books . . . incredible art, spellbinding storytelling, rich characters, fun, adventure, humor . . . and heart.” Tom Richmond

MAD Magazine

“The only thing that’s missing is seeing Red’s Planet on my bookshelf—sandwiched between Jeff Smith’s Bone and library of Pixar films.” Mike Maihack

Artist / Creator, Cleopatra in Space

Red’s Planet is filled with a genuine sense of childlike awe and style of story, art, and filmmaking reminiscent of Jeff Smith’s Bone. Eddie Pittman really has the goods.” Dan Povenmire

Co-Creator and Executive Producer Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, Disney

“RED’S PLANET is fun, sharp, hilarious, and rip-roaringly original!” Jeff Smith

Artist / Creator, Bone