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Hi Red-Heads! It’s going to be a crazy week of deadlines and last minute preparations for my journey to San Diego for the  2014 Reuben Awards weekend. As you might remember, Red’s Planet was nominated in the  Online Comic – Longform category and I am one of the speakers for the weekend event as well. And, as you can imagine, there isn’t much time for a comic page.

I hate to leave everyone hanging on a cliff from last week’s page, but at least I can give you something fun to take the edge off (edge…cliff—see what I did?).

Here is an old magazine article from that popular 70’s publication, UFO Fancy, that I dug up and reprinted in the limited print edition of Red’s Planet #1. It’s an interesting article and it’s amazing to read about the kind of technology that is being hidden from us by the powers that be. But, I also found  a little insight into what may have happened to Red’s shoe. And, man, does that UFO drawing look familiar?


Anyway, enjoy the article and look for some more goodies over the week!UFO_fancy

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  1. Endeavor says:

    You wrote that yourself or read it before starting the comic!

    • Eddie says:

      Well, I think you have to read carefully and weigh everything with the kind of story I’m telling — which is, of course, hard boiled, gritty, realistic, science fiction. 😉

    • R. U. Cerious says:

      Of course he read it before starting the comic, it’s the October 1979 issue! I remember when that issue came out, as I have been a subscriber since their very first issue.

  2. Joseph says:

    Congrats on the nomination, Eddie! That’s fantastic! :O)

  3. cjb says:

    Ed, you deserve Two awards – one for a great plot, and another for the quality of artwork.
    Good luck and have fun !

  4. Patrick says:

    Nanu Nanu


  5. bachterman says:

    bob bizarre! :)

  6. Thats how Red lost her first shoe!

    Congratulations on the nomination.

  7. Hoomi says:

    We’re in limbo. It must be Con Season! 😀

  8. LazyReader says:

    Update……………*Crickets chirping

  9. Klem says:

    Great strip – let’s see more of it. More than a month off requires a strip or an explanation. :)

  10. cjb says:

    It’s the ‘speed of light delay’ – Red’s Planet is more than 60 light years away, after all.
    Let’s just be glad the signal isn’t red-shifted to invisibility .

  11. Will I am says:

    I just discovered this fun comic and would like to read more. Thanks for the great story so far

  12. Shirou Zhiwu says:

    It’s hard to relate to those years where people were just that isolated and naive. I dare say that thanks to Hollywood special effects and the Internet, somebody from 40 years ago may suffer a mental breakdown if dropped in the here and now.

  13. happyfuntime says:

    you were amazing as darth vader and good luck with anything and everything

  14. td says:

    Well,…I hope it all works out and we can see this thing on NickToons or whatever network is working with you to develop this!!! I’m making a guess here,…but I’m thinking I may be on to something by reading “between the lines”.

  15. torycan says:

    I can’t wait for the next installment of the comic it is getting really good. What is this about someone developing this into a anime??

  16. mouseanderson says:

    *Twitch* must have more *twitch*

  17. Starship Captain says:

    Captain’s Log – Supplemental

    After several days, we have been unable to detect any trace of the reported life forms – including an reportedly abducted human girl – that were the reason for leaving our normal patrol route. By treaty, we are not allowed to send parties to the surface with out some positive sign; our sensors show nothing unusual. Command is growing anxious about the Th’gan situation, and wants us posted in that star sector, but is willing to allow us to continue the search…for now, anyway.

    I am beginning to wonder if we have been diverted to this planet in error. Or perhaps there is some darker reason. In any event, our concern grows.

  18. Warren says:

    I notice that nothing has been posted after this page was posted on May 19. Did the comic author forget us? I really have enjoyed reading this comic but wonder what is happening.

  19. torycan says:

    Please come back, I want to know what is happening to Red.

  20. Delta-v says:

    I’m still here, and I’m still voting for on Top Web Comics. Please hurry back.

  21. Frith Ra says:

    Can anybody tell me what Glibx means?

  22. cjb says:

    Can we please get some new magazines in this waiting room ?