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If you haven’t noticed, we’ve posted a page of links to reviews Red’s Planet has garnered over the years. You will find that page conveniently linked in the menu bar above. We have creatively titled it “Reviews”. We think it sounds edgy.

There are also a few blurbs from well-known cartoonists and directors, like Cleopatra in Space creator and fellow SpaceDock 7 member, Mike Maihack, MAD Magazine‘s Tom Richmond, and Phineas and Ferb Co-Creator, Dan Povenmire.

Unfortunately, the gentleman above wasn’t able to contribute, but we were able to send him a copy of the finished work thanks to a man in a blue box (who actually had to travel into the future, pickup the finished book then go back…oh, it’s complicated).

But we’re confident Uncle Walt would have loved it!

Discussion (3)¬

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  1. LazyReader says:

    Apparently Walt Disney was a fan, they must have thawed him out to run the company again.

  2. reynard61 says:

    It’s either real, or it’s the best dang Photoshop job I’ve *EVER* seen. Either way, I tip my hat to you.

  3. Jason Wong says:

    When (or where) can I get a hardcover of this? Kickstarter seems a great place for publishing webcomics into books and I will definitely be your first backer. Thanks for the amazing art!!!