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Hi Planeteers! I am sitting in the Bob Hope Airport in beautiful down town Burbank on my way to my first USO trip with the National Cartoonist Society, thanks to my buddy and NCS President, Tom Richmond. My trip is just a domestic tour, but just as important as the overseas trips some of my colleagues have made (read about some of Tom’s adventures here:

I planned to post a new page this week before I left, but due to a mixup in the itinerary, the flight that I though was tomorrow night was actually tonight. So, in the scramble to get ready a day early, I didn’t get the comic posted. But fear not, I leave you with a little Bobalunx biology study below and the promise of a new page when I get back Thursday.

Sorry for the delay, but I’ll be back soon!


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  1. Lusus Naturae says:

    GO FORTH noble man, and give our deserving troops some much-needed respite and entertainment. The rest of us lazy b******* can probably wait a week for a comic update.

  2. Egomane says:

    Hey… we waited how long between chapter two and three?
    If we managed that, we can absolutly wait a day or two. ;-)

  3. RG2Cents says:

    Just be safe during your travels.

  4. Iron Ed says:

    You are doing a great thing! We will wait, patiently. In fact, it’ll be interesting to hear about your trip! :-)

    Hmm.. Kinda like a blue, two-legged frog, but, ummm… different somehow. ;-)


Red's Planet is an All-Ages comic. Please keep comments appropriate.