Free Comic Book Day 2013


As many of you know, today is Free Comic Book Day! That once a year celebration when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE.

In the spirit of Free Comic Book Day and since many of you have asked about the Red’s Planet Preview from 2009, I’ve decided to share some of it here with you for today only. Until midnight tonight (pacific time), you can download the first eight pages of chapter four from the Red’s Planet Preview. Remember, these are from an earlier version of chapter four, but I think you’ll enjoy the sneak peek nonetheless.

Enjoy and happy Free Comic Book Day!


Download here!

Thanks for coming by! Unfortunately, we’re all out of comics! But, the pages will be posted here online over the next seven weeks, so stay tuned!



Red's Planet is an All-Ages comic. Please keep comments appropriate.

  1. PMark says:

    Nice. Very enjoyable.

    Two thoughts I had while reading:

    (1) What does all that mob eat when Red is not around? Their must be a fairly substantial source of food around some place in order to support those numbers. And since they love to eat what Red eats, that is a good sign that it will likely be edible by Red — if she can ever find it.

    (2) Fantastic! Red’s found water!