Be Right Back…

Been a crazy week! My 10-year-old broke her wrist last Tuesday, I have a big pitch this week, and my dog ate this week’s page. Actually, I don’t have a dog. But the cat’s always a pain in the neck!

So, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to finish up this week’s page yet. But, have no fear, Red’s Planet will return next week with two new pages.

UPDATE:  Still running a bit behind. Look for the next page to post late Monday evening, 7/2/12. — E

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  1. jonquil says:

    Hope that your daughters’ wrist heals cleanly. Good luck with your pitch!

  2. egomane says:

    Don’t worry, don’t hurry!

    Tend to your daughter and put the cat on a leash. We can wait a week or two for your masterpiece comic.

    • Clay says:

      Or maybe tend to the cat and put the daughter on the leash. ether way good luck on the pitch and hope your little one heals up quickly.

    • Psiberkiwi says:

      ‘Cat on a leash…’ Sheesh! When are you humans going to realize that we cats are your masters?

      “A dog looks up to Man, a cat looks down on Man…”

  3. Frank says:

    Take your time! Red’s foot is supposed to be healing anyway, so it’s not like she could make it, right? 😉

  4. Woodsman says:

    No problem,hope your daughter heals ok. i’m really pleased that you’ve had the time to give us what you have. Maybe a “Hugo” this year?

    • Eddie says:

      Thanks Woodsman! A Hugo? That would be a big surprise, but I don’t see it for my simple comic. Thanks for the sentiment though! :)

  5. John Read says:

    Not a problem for me, as I’m holding out for the next book!

  6. BrotonamoBay says:

    BOO! Not the comic or the artist but injuries will always suck! Hope your kid is healing well.

  7. as363 says:

    Stuck with you thru the longish hiatus – and your posting of page completion percents – this is duck soup compared to that . Work at your own pace and keep the goodness up.