A Brief Technical Delay

Ok, so it isn’t as bad as the photo, but I did run into some unexpected computer/Cintiq problems over the weekend and that’s going to delay this week’s page until the weekend. I have some new parts coming in this week, so look for an update Saturday evening and then we’re back on schedule again starting Monday.  Sorry for the delay, but there was no way to avoid it — gotta love technology. See you this weekend.


Discussion (8)¬

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  1. Greg Bulmash says:

    Admit it. You spent all of Saturday watching Tom Racine’s marathon podcast.

  2. saph says:

    Awesome coffee mug.

  3. as363 says:

    Hi Eddie – Any chance that you could put ip progress bars like you did before . Thet sure a great help when I stop by . Thanks – Alan

    • Eddie says:

      Alan, I had to remove all my WordPress Plugins due to a hack and have been reluctant to add any back just in case. I’ll look into possibilities and maybe I can get something going in the future

  4. Beepclub says:

    Sorry, can’t resist. But that image you’ve uploaded here immediately reminded me of this Saturday Night Live clip.