Welcome to Red's Planet!

Red’s Planet is about a 10-year old girl who, much to her annoyance, is known to everyone as “Red.” After running away from her foster home, Red is mistakenly kidnapped by aliens. She soon finds herself across the galaxy and marooned on a deserted planet with an eclectic group of castaways who are much worse than her foster family.

Red’s Planet is a kid-friendly graphic novel-in-progress by cartoonist Eddie Pittman. Updates post on an atypical schedule — Check the blog for schedule updates.

Meet the Cast

Red’s Planet has a cast of thousands! Here’s a just few…


Red doesn’t think of herself as a typical 10-year-old. In fact, she knows she’s smarter, tougher, and, most of all, independent. After losing both of her parents, Red finds herself alone and bouncing from foster home to foster home.  But Red’s had enough of family (especially stupid ones) and is convinced she’s better off on her own. What she isn’t prepared for is getting abducted by aliens and stranded on a deserted planet millions of light years from the home she once hated. Now she must survive in a strange new world with a grumpy old has-been and an alien menagerie of a new foster family — a recipe for misery.

TaweeThe first day of work almost never goes well, and it’s no exception for Tawee. After making several embarrassing mistakes, he soon finds himself in the midst of total chaos on a plummeting space ship the size of a city block. Shunned by the other castaways, Tawee soon finds himself befriended by an Earth girl named Red and becomes the guardian of a strange glowing egg. Tawee


With a penchant for cigars and long naps (sometimes simultaneously), Goose never took life very seriously until it was too late. Once a talented intergalactic athlete, Goose was on his way to major league stardom; but his professional career only lasted about 2 1/2 minutes. After a series of personal and professional failures, he jumped at the chance to take an easy job on a remote planet, free of people and pressure. Unfortunately for Goose, his private paradise is soon interrupted.

Meet The Artist

Eddie Pittman grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where he taught himself how to draw in the back row of math class.As a kid, he won a 10-speed bicycle from the Kellog’s “Stick-Up for Breakfast” Contest which has given him years of validation in his chosen field as he has since been known as an “award winning” cartoonist.Eddie has over 20 years experience as a cartoonist in both print and animation. His worked has included animated feature films (Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch) as well as tv shows (3-2-1 Penguins, Phineas and Ferb). See his full credits at IMDB.com

After years in the animation industry, Eddie decided to break out into the lucrative world of webcomics.

Red’s Planet is his first graphic novel.

Eddie resides on planet Earth with his beautiful wife, his two brilliant daughters and their annoying cat.