A Special Announcement:

Red’s Planet will be returning to this screen on May 2 with the conclusion of Chapter Two!

What happens when Red awakes to find herself on a giant space ship millions of miles from home?  Will she be discovered? And who the heck are the mysterious Aquilari?  And what’s up with this buying spree they’re on?

Find the answers to these questions (well, maybe not all of them) in just two weeks, when Red’s Planet returns with new pages updating twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays!

A Personal Note to Fans:

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement over the past few months. Though my time away has been much longer than I anticipated, I’ve made some slow but steady progress on Red’s Planet and I’m very ready to jump back in full force with the exciting conclusion to Chapter Two.

I also thought some of you might like an little creative update on the from the behind the scenes.

Over the past weeks, not only have I been scripting and designing the rest of the current chapter, but even more important, I have been writing the entire story. I can now say that the first draft of Red’s Planet is nearly finished — with only two or three scenes left to complete.

Since my influence and area of study is film, I like to write in screenplay form as it’s easier for me to visualize the story and the story structure. From that point, I adapt the script for comic pages. For a movie script, it is still a little long at 127 pages, but after a rewrite, I think it will balance out at 120 pages — perfect screenplay length.  Now the first act of the story (roughly chapters One through Four), have been locked for some time. It was the remainder of the story that I needed to tie-down and really know where we are going.

Following the rewrite, my plan is to find some trusted individuals — hopefully  colleagues of mine in the film and animation industry — to read it and give me honest feedback.

And for those who are curious  — if you were watching Red’s Planet the movie, chapter Two begins somewhere around 15 minutes into the film and ends near the 30 minute mark.

Just sayin’.