After 16 years (9 of development, 5 of a webcomic, and 2 on book production) the day has finally arrived and Red’s Planet: Book One: A World Away From Home is here.  It’s been an incredible journey that has certainly had its ups and downs.

Over the years of my career, I’ve been lucky enough to eke out a living as a cartoonist. I’ve done a little illustration work, penciled a few comic books, worked on big animated feature films, written and drawn for a really popular TV show, and even sketched a few disgruntled tourists along the way. But Red’s Planet is the first time since my college years that I’ve created something of my own. And I’m humbled that Abrams published it and that people other than my family want to read it.

There are many people who helped along the way, and I would once again like to thank them here. So, thanks to:

Norm Fuetti, Joshua Pruett, Tom Richmond, Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Jeff Smith, Kim Roberson, Mike Maihack, Travis Hanson, Tom Dell’Aringa, Steve Ogden, and Broose Johnson for their support, encouragement, and help along the journey.

Travis Hanson, Jose Flores, Sean Balsano, Janelle Bell-Martin, and Ginny Pittman for color and production assistance.

The readers, commenters, and fans of the Red’s Planet webcomic. For many years, you guys kept me going. I hope you are all still out there.

Chad W. Beckerman for the amazing book design. This book wouldn’t be so beautiful if it weren’t for you!

Pam Notarantonio for jumping in to help figure out technical stuff.

Maya Bradford, Caitlin Miller, Orlando Dos Reis, and the whole team at Abrams.

Judy Hansen, my super-ninja agent. I feel better knowing you have my back.

Charlie Kochman, my amazing editor, who took a chance on this little story when so many people weren’t interested.

And to my beautiful wife, Beth, and my amazing kids, Ginny and Teagan— you guys will always be my first and most important audience.