Hey Red-Heads and Planeteers! It’s Comic Con time and I’ll be there, like many of you, taking in the sights and sounds (and smells…ug!). But this year, there will actually be a time a place that we can meet face to face (and, no, it’s not the line for Starbucks — that’s face to back)!

This year, I’ll be camping out at the National Cartoonist Society’s booth (#1307) on Saturday from 10-12 with lots of some fun Red’s Planet stuff.

I have a handful of the Red’s Planet preview left from 2009 (now a collectors item…maybe. Somewhere.) and possibly some original art for sale. And there are also some great freebies! Free sketches, Red’s Planet Collector Cards and a Red’s Planet mini-poster (actually, it’s just a postcard).


Even if you are one of those people who don’t like free stuff, come on by any way. I would love to meet any Red’s Planet fans who aren’t my family.