A Fan By Any Other Name…

It’s been on my mind for sometime as to what to call the fans of Red’s Planet — I mean, the word fan itself is somewhat of a pejorative with its origin deriving from the word fanatic. Some celebs have managed to create very successful brands around their fans. Of course, Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters”, Katie Perry, evidently, has her “Katy Cats”, and long before they made the scene, Jimmy Buffett  and The Grateful Dead had “Parrot Heads” and  “Dead Heads”.

What I like about these nicknames is it creates a more familiar connection between performer/creator and fan. It’s the proper name as opposed to the generic. So, for Red’s Planet fans, how about the moniker of “Castaways”? I think it sums up what the story is about and I can maybe even relate to being a castaway myself.  Any other thoughts or suggestions? I’d love to read them.

And now for a little update—

I know there are many new Red’s Planet readers thanks to recent reviews on Webcomics AllianceIO9 and Newsarama, so so forgive me for any repetition.

As most of you know, I derive no income from Red’s Planet — which is essentially become a part-time job, taking as many as 12-18 hours per week . On top of my current job as a story artist and writer on Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, that can make a good 60+ hour work week. My day job and family obviously take precedence; production on Red’s Planet tends to fill the spaces that are usually reserved for less important things like, say, sleep. Some weeks the day job just gets super insane and I struggle to juggle everything else. That’s when I have to put the comic on hold for a bit and try to catch up.  And that’s where I am today.

Thanks to all the crazy, I’m putting Red’s Planet on hiatus just for the rest of November. Don’t panic (yes, reference implied), I’m leaving you at a good spot  — having just ended the current scene — so you won’t be hanging too much. The comic will pick back up on December 3 and for the last 10 pages or so of Chapter 3.

See you in a few weeks…uh…Castaways? Ok, gonna take some getting use to.

PS — Wouldn’t “struggle to juggle” make a great indie band name!


I’ve run into some technical problems and have lost some data — nothing that can be rebuilt, but it’s going to take a little longer. Look for the next page will update Wednesday evening, 12/5.  Thanks!